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ООО ОЕК-Холдинг


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  Company OEK-Holding we are engaged in wholesale trade in production of industrial chemistry ( an ion exchange pitches, the coals filtering the environments, etc.).

We operatively and precisely provide clients with production of industrial chemistry, taking into account features of their business with a view of economy of their financial and time resources.

Our overall objective - to be the best in our segment of the market, to correspond to the high world standards in mutual relations with business partners, employees, a society and environment. Open Company OEK in mutual relations with partners in business, with consumers, with financial and public institutes strictly adheres to principles of business ethics, considers the reputation as one of the most significant actives. We maintain constructive partner relations with suppliers, buyers, authorities and all interested groups of a society.

People are a guarantee of successful development of the enterprise and business prosperity, therefore our company aspires to creation of the corporate environment in which each employee could realise the professional possibilities with the maximum advantage for itself and the company.


Company OEK is interested in cooperation


OEK-Holding invites all interested companies and private persons to long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation. We are interested in acquisition of any volume of Sulfougel, Cation КU-2-8, Anion exchange resins АВ-17-8, Silikagel ,Gypochlorit of calcium, , Activated coals ,Carbide of calcium, Monoetanolamin and other chemical production



PHONE/FAX IN RUSSIA /+ 7 495 643 19 90 EMAIL / OEK-holding@mail.ru